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Visit Nagato Yamaguchi Japan

Onsen(Hot Springs)

Tawarayama Onsen

Area : Tawarayama AREA

Said to have been discovered by the Buddha disguised as a white monkey, Tawarayama Onsen has been cherished for hundreds of years as an onsen with particular healing benefits for joint and nerve pain.
As was Nagato Yumoto, Tawarayama Onsen was historically famous enough to be visited by daimyo (feudal lords) themselves during the Edo Period (1603-1868).

Therapeutic effects

Hot spring type/quality : Alkaline simple hot spring with a PH of 9.8. Clear and colorless, slight sulfuric odor.
Therapeutic effects : Rheumatism, nerve pain, sore muscles, joint pain, fatigue; improvement of general health.
Features : Hydrogen-rich water with powerful antioxidant properties are healing for joint and nerve pain.

The onsen town today still retains much of its retro look from years ago. Because many ryokan inns do not contain on-site baths, bathers can often be seen wrapped in cotton kimono as they make their way to the baths, wooden sandals clinking pleasantly up and down the streets.

Tawarayama Onsen's waters are considered particularly therapeutic, partly because they contain are rich in hydrogen, and therefore have strong antioxidant potential.
This helps them to be effective in soothing conditions including rheumatism, nerve pain, and more. The waters have a lotion-like quality that will leave your skin slippery-smooth after bathing.

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