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Visit Nagato Yamaguchi Japan

Visit Nagato Yamaguchi Japan

From within Nagato

Getting around Nagato

The JR train lines, city buses, and taxis and rental cars are the principal means of transportation available for
travel in and around Nagato City.
Please be aware that some locations are accessible only by car (rental or taxi).

JR trains

Two train lines run through Nagato: the Mine Line, which runs from inland Yamaguchi Prefecture to the coast in Nagato; and the San’in Main Line, which runs parallel to the Sea of Japan from Yamaguchi to Kyoto Prefecture. Trains in Nagato are somewhat unsual in that they run on diesel rather than electricity, which gives their orange engines a unique growl as they run along the brilliant blue of the coast. Many of Nagato’s train stations are unmanned, and passengers deposit their fare as they would on a bus. Nagato-shi Station, however, is staffed.

For inquiries regarding JR trains

・JR Nagato-shi Station


3 bus companies currently operate within Nagato. Though it isn’t possible to reach all parts of the area by train, bus service here is convenient. When you ride, please take a ticket from the machine when you board the bus, and pay at the front when you get off.

For inquiries regarding buses

・Sanden Kotsu Bus

・Bochu Kotsu Bus


Because there are a number of sightseeing locations in Nagato that are unreachable by either bus or train, riding a taxi from the closest station or bus stop is a convenient choice for many visitors. Many taxi drivers use tablets and other devices to provide multilingual services to their passengers. Jumbo taxis are reccommended for visitors traveling in groups. Access to Motonosumi Shrine and Senjojiki is available only via taxi or rental car.

For inquiries regarding taxi services

・Shin Nihon Kanko Kotsu (On-call in Nagato City)

・Fuji Daiichi Transportation (On-call in Nagato City)

・Nagato Sanden Taxi (Senzaki Station, on-call at Omijima Island Sightseeing Steamboat boarding location)

・Anzen Taxi (On-call at Nagato Misumi Station)

・Furuichi Taxi (On-call at Nagato-Furuichi Station)

・Hitomaru Taxi (On-call at Hitomaru Station)