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Visit Nagato Yamaguchi Japan

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Whale Tomb

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Area : Omijima & Kayoi Area

Constructed in 1692, this tomb was erected for the unborn calf of a whale

400 years ago, in the Edo Period, when Nagato and the surrounding lands were part of a small kingdom called Choshu, whaling with spears and nets was commonly practiced by the local people.
Though whales were often killed for food and resources, the discovery of a whale fetus within the body of a mother inspired great feelings of compassion in the fishermen. In response, they constructed this tomb, where they carefully buried the whale calf and held funeral rites. The whale calf's mortuary tablet and death registry are preserved in Kogan-ji Temple.


Prayers for the whales are held annually in the early spring.

662 Tsu, Nagato, Yamaguchi Prefecture 759-4107
By bus:
Approx. 3 minute walk from "Tsu Gyokyo-mae" bus stop

By car (from within Nagato):
Approx. 20 minute drive from Senzaki Station on JR San'in Main Line

By car (from outside Nagato):
Approx. 60 minutes from the Mine Interchange on the Chugoku Expressway
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