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Visit Nagato Yamaguchi Japan

Visit Nagato Yamaguchi Japan

Onsen(Hot Springs)

Nagato Yumoto Onsen

Area : Fukawa/Yumoto

Re-opened in the spring of 2020, Nagato Yumoto Onsen's theme is that of an onsen town perfect for relaxing strolls. On both banks of the Otozure River, which flows through the heart of the ryokan inn district, you'll find the 600 year-old onsen Onto, and cafés and bars renovated from old houses. At places like the Otozure River Terrace, where you can relax above the river and listen to its babble, you're invited to enjoy a moment of peace in an onsen town that's both forward-looking and steeped in history.

Therapeutic effects

Hot spring type / quality : Alkaline simple hot spring with a PH of 9.6. Clear and colorless, slight sulfuric odor.
Therapeutic effects : Nerve pain, muscle soreness, joint/arthritis pain, general fatigue, etc.
Features : The water has a slightly lotion-like texture that leaves the skin of bathers slippery-smooth.

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