Camping on Omijima Island | 日本长门旅游指南

Visit Nagato Yamaguchi Japan

Visit Nagato Yamaguchi Japan


Camping on Omijima Island

A unique camping area by any measure, here you can enjoy the beaches of Omijima Island, selected as one of 100 of the best beaches in Japan.
Go for a swim or go scuba diving from the beach just in front of the campground, or take a stroll along the nearby Omijima Island Natural Research Path and enjoy gorgeous views of the strange cliffs and rocks rising from the bay, known as the "Alps of the Sea."
Surrounded by exquisite natural views, take in the sunset with a barbecue, and let the sound of the waves on the beach lull you to sleep.

A Nationally-Designated Scenic Location & Natural Monument

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A Nationally-Designated Scenic Location & Natural Monument

Omijima Camping Village is located on Omijima Island, a part of Kita-Nagato Quasi-National Park, a protected natural area.
Covering approximately 40 km, and including incredible naturally carved caves, cliffs, and strangely-shaped rocks like the "Alps of the Sea," the area is truly a natural art display on a grand scale.


2057 Shitsu-ura, Senzaki, Nagato, Yamaguchi Prefecture 759-4106
By train:
1 minute walk from "Shizugaura" bus stop.

By Car(Within Nagato):
Approx. 10 minutes from Senzaki Station on the JR San'in Main Line

By Car(To Nagato):
60 minutes from the Mine Interchange on the Chugoku Expressway
Paid parking available (Car: 500 yen, Bus: 1,300 yen, Microbus: 1,000 yen, Motorbike: 100 yen)
Hours of Operation
Check-in: 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Check-out: 10:00 a.m.
Foreign Language
Bungalow: Starting at 7,000 yen
Carry-in tent: Starting at 500 yen
Omijima Camping Village
Omijima Island Mini Visitor's Center