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Visit Nagato Yamaguchi Japan

Visit Nagato Yamaguchi Japan


New “Nagato is calling” Nagato souvenirs!

Nagato is home to many souvenirs made from familiar locals ingredients, like kamaboko fish cakes, or other snacks. We felt that there were other souvenirs we'd like to make, other ways we'd like for people to get that Nagato feeling, and it was with these feelings that these new Nagato souvenirs came into being.

01 A bunch of sweets from Nagato
Nagato is calling sweets

A photographable line of bottles

These candies are decorated with a motif of Nagato locations and local foods, made with local Nagato materials. With their stylish packaging, these candies are popular as gifts and souvenirs.

480 yen each (Tax incl.)

02 Onsen Bath Salt from Nagato's Five Famous Onsen
Enjoy Nagato's five famous hot springs in your own home

Like visiting an onsen in your own bath

[Onsen Bath Salt from Nagato’s Five Famous Onsen] This onsen bath salt was created in the image of each of Nagato’s five hot springs (Nagato Yumoto / Tawarayama / Yumen / Kiwado / Yuya Bay).

Small Bag (5 varieties of powder): 170 yen (Tax incl.)
Large Bag (5 varieties of powder): 980 yen (Tax incl.)
Assortment of small bags with 5 varieties of powder: 830 yen (Tax incl.)

03 TORIINEKO ©Mousou Factory, Good Fortune Goods
This cat makes an irritated, or "mukatsuku" face, but for some reason, it still grants your wishes

This cat has a strangely irritated (“mukatsuku,” in Japanese) expression, and lives on the Mukatsuku Peninsula.

Long ago, the dragon god of the Mukatsuku Peninsula fell in love with a cat that lived in the torii gates on the peninsula. Thus the TORIINEKO was born.
Sweet character keyholders, safety stickers, and more are available.

Each type is available for sale at YUKUTE Tourism Information Center, and at the Motonosumi shop.

Only available at YUKUTE, inside Senzaki Kitchen Michi-no-Eki!

Badge with YUKUTE logo
8 versions featuring a YUKUTE design
300 yen each (Tax incl.)

N Bag
This paper bag has a design of famous locations around Nagato with English lettering on all sides.
(260mm wide x 100mm deep x 300mm tall)
200 yen (Tax incl.)

Original Masking Tape
With a design of yakitori grilled chicken for, “Nagato, the Town of Yakitori.”
(15 mm wide / 5 m long)
400 yen (Tax incl.)

The release of new Nagato souvenirs
Nagato is calling

Available for sale at Senzaki Kitchen Michi-no-Eki, or at YUKUTE Tourism Information Center.
Consider taking home something from Nagato as a souvenir of your trip.
(Japanese only)