Attività|Visita Nagato, Giappone

Visit Nagato Yamaguchi Japan

Visit Nagato Yamaguchi Japan


Experience the Sea of Japan for yourself with Nagato’s all-season diving, or on a cruise around the nearby island of Omijima. During particular seasons you can even try your hand at grilling your own “yakitori” chicken, or at catching some of Nagato’s delicious Senzaki squid. Opportunities abound to make your Nagato journey unforgettable.

Omijima Island Boat Ride

Feel the force of nature with a sail through the towering natural rock sculptures of Omijima Island's blue waters.

Scuba Diving

The shores of Omijima, in Kita-Nagato Kaigain Quasi-National Park are recognized as one of the preeminent diving spots in Japan.

Soba (Buckwheat noodle) Making

Try making your own soba noodles with the famously fragrant buckwheat grown by the locals of Nagato.

Local Homestay

Experience authentic rural life around Tawarayama Onsen.

Sea Kayaking

Take a ride on the waves of Yuya Bay in an ocean kayak!

Yakitori School *limited time

A school to learn about Yamaguchi and Nagato's traditional yakitori!

Squid Fishing Experience

Giving thanks to the bounty of the deep blue sea! Come take a ride on a Nagato fishing boat!

Camping on Omijima Island

A campsite where you can enjoy everything from scenic walks to scuba diving.