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Visit Nagato Yamaguchi Japan

Visit Nagato Yamaguchi Japan

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Genre : Natural Wonders

Area : Yuya & Heki

This grassy knoll extends overlooking the sea at a height of 333 meters

Against this 360 degree panorama, sea and sky extend as far as the eye can see, and the sound of the waves and fresh breezes waft across the bluff from the sea below.
Beautiful in all seasons, various shrubs and flowers bloom atop Senjojiki in different shades throughout the year.
On summer evenings, the lights of fishing boats glow on the Sea of Japan below, making it an exquisite location to enjoy nature, away from the crowds of the big city. Senjojiki is also a popular camping location..


Senjojiki is difficult to access by bus or train. We strongly recommend you make your visit by personal or rental car, or by taxi.
Please refrain from using mountain bikes on the walking paths. They are meant for walkers only.

1138-1 Heki-naka, Nagato, Yamaguchi Prefecture 759-4402
By car (from within Nagato):
10 minutes from JR Nagato-Furuichi Station

By car (from outside Nagato):
60 minutes from the Mine Interchange on the Chugoku Expressway
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