Visit Nagato, Japan

Visit Nagato Yamaguchi Japan

Visit Nagato Yamaguchi Japan

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Artists in pursuit of their own unique Hagi ware

Fukawa-Yumoto and Sounose, Nagato City, Yamaguchi Prefecture Fuka...

Onsen(Hot Springs)

Nagato is home to five different hot springs, each with different properties, not least of which are Nagato Yumoto and Tawarayama Onsen. Day-time bathers are welcome for short visits, and many onsen are also attached to inns for overnight stays to soothe all travelers.


Experience the cobalt blue Sea of Japan against your skin with Nagato's all-season diving, or on a cruise around the nearby island of Omijima. During particular seasons you can even enjoy trying your hand at grilling your own "yakitori" chicken, or at catching some of Nagato's delicious Senzaki squid. Opportunities abound to make your Nagato journey unforgettable.


Grilled "yakitori" chicken skewers are a local delicacy in Nagato, whose remarkable number of yakitori restaurants has been recognized as top class within Japan. The oceans are bountiful as well, as Nagato boasts one of the highest swordtip squid harvests in Japan for its Senzaki squid. The dishes here are made with the freshest of both land and sea.

Trip Ideas

Plans to help you enjoy each area of Nagato to your heart's content,
from famous sights to traditional dishes, to hot springs that soothe the travel-weary.


Year-round, Nagato comes alive with local events, from cherry blossom viewing parties in the spring,
to the fireworks of midsummer, and the traditional festivals of the fall.
With new events including an annual mountain bike race,
there are opportunities all year to enjoy Nagato's rich culture and natural splendor.


Nagato is located on the Western coast of Japan's main island of Honshu,
in the northwest of Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Yamaguchi is easily accessible by bullet train from major airports,
or from some locations directly via Yamaguchi Ube Airport.Upon arrival in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Nagato is reachable by train, taxi, or rental car.