N a g a t o   i s   c a l l i n g

Where the sound of the waves, the local flavors,
and the natural warmth of the hot springs will soothe both mind and body.


Your Nagato journey begins here.

Landscape | Section01

Scenery admired around the world

"A greeting from lapis seas and skies, and the brilliant red of the torii gates"


Let's go to the seaside.
Along Nagato's coast, both sea and sky stretch blue into the distance,
and winding down to the waters edge,
the shock of the 123 red torii gates of the ocean-side shrine.

Make your way down the slope, climb up, and at last reach the crest of the hill.
Spread before you is a palette of startlingly beautiful contrast:
shades of red, blue, and green.

Against this backdrop stands the tallest gate of all.
Perched at its top is the shrine's offeratory box, the highest in Japan.
Can you cast your coin into the very top?
Wind back, ready, throw...
That your wish will be granted.

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"Feel the earth, the sea, and the sky
with your whole body."


To be closer to nature still, you move higher up, further up the road into the hills.

When you arrive, you are met with a field of green that unfolds under a magnificent blue sky, and just beyond,
the endless expanse of the ocean.
The breeze here is refreshing against your skin as you look out at the gentle rotation of nearby windmills.

Careful, though.
It's just soothing enough that it might be alright, just for a moment,
to lay your body down on this soft, green field,
where the sky feels almost close enough to touch.

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"Day's end is framed with nature's prized art collection."


You've heard there are "Alps of the Sea" in Nagato.

To investigate, you head down from the hills again, and along the coast.
You follow the steps that lead down to the bay's edge.

Great spectral rocks rise from the cobalt blue seas, carved here by the hand of the wind and waves.

To get a closer look, you board a steamboat to this natural art exhibition,
the salty breeze brushing against your face.

When you return to the shore,
the changing evening light has altered the many crags again,
turning them into even more fantastic shapes.
A truly artistic display.

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"A light-up display like no other."


The sun will set soon.
Once more, you turn back through the mountain road.

This sight is worth it.
Hidden away here, the reflection of the setting sunlight turns each paddy of these terraced rice fields into a shimmering pool of liquid gold.

As it begins to get dark,
Tiny lights appear in the distance, speckling the darkness.
The lights of local squid fishing boats, you are told.

Before you know it, the sea is soon glittering brightly with these tiny lights.

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Cuisine | Section02

A very particular food culture

"Follow scenes of the sea with the flavor of the sea..."


This local delicacy is beautifully sliced into delicate shapes.
It is known as the Queen of the Squid, you are told, for its elegant movements in the water.

The squid here is typically served raw, as sashimi, a preparation made possible only by its impeccable freshness.

A life swimming in the rough swells of the Sea of Japan gives this squid
a particularly rich, soft, and viscous texture.

With each bite, the exquisite flavor and sweetness spreads across your tongue.

This may be the most delicious squid you've ever tasted.

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"Another invation from a mouth-watering smell"


With the greatest number of yakitori (grilled chicken) restaurants per 10,000 residents in Japan,
it's no wonder there seem to be yakitori restaurants all about town.

Inside the shops, the rich smell of charcoal rises to greet you.

The yakitori is served as is typical, with fresh chicken and a sprinkling of salt.
But on every table are small bottles of garlic powder and spices.
Yakitori with a dash of these seasonings is a style all Nagato's own.

The soft texture and juiciness are qualities unique to Yamaguchi Prefecture's native Choshu-Kuro-Kashiwa and Choshu-dori chickens.

Once you've started this delectable meal, it's difficult to stop...

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Hot Springs | Section03

Soothing warm waters

"In search of a soothing quality, unchanged through the ages..."


A river runs through the heart of this onsen town, which carries a history of over 600 years.
On each bank of the river stand modern ryokan and traditional inns.
Somehow, it feels you've come to a different time.

A legend accompanies this river;
both sad and sweet.

You listen to the babbling of the stream as you place your feet in the warm outdoor foot bath, and relax.
All of your tiredness from the day's travels flows away with it.

You wonder if the people of Nagato would have rested in the same way long ago.

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"A trip back to simpler times"


Your destination, nestled in the mountains, is a secluded hot spring (onsen),
first discovered nearly 1,100 years ago.
When you arrive, you find an onsen town with a rustic and old-fashioned air.

Let's take a walk about town.

The gentle wooden clink of traditional geta sandals echoes pleasantly down the streets.
Men and women in cotton kimono pass by carrying wooden wash basins under their arms.

Time to enter the baths.
It's a brief visit to your inn before you've changed
and head down the cozy streets of this onsen town.

With a clink, clink from your own sandals,
the full day of your travels comes to an end.

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Near spot | Section04

From Nagato, the journey continues...


A island with emerald green seas.

Akiyoshidai Cave

A mysterious location and geopark, with a history of 300 million years.


A town in which you can see the history of medieval Japan in the very streets.

After discovering Nagato's natural wonders and hidden charms, it's only a short drive to other remarkable locations nearby.
Each is reachable within about 40 minutes;
enough to enjoy all that Yamaguchi Prefecture has to offer.